Is your system ICD-10 compliant? Most Practice Management,  Billing/Administrators system are either non-compliant or does not have ICD-10 Rules and convention built in or automated, integrated. However to the contrary most believe that their systems are up to standard. Most to all companies use an excel spread sheet (MIT) with little or no validation quality thus resulting in claims rejection and or payment from the incorrect or lower benefit pool by funders. Thus poor data collection. Clients will sooner or later figure this out.


We at Africode pride our self on Medical Risk Management, software development, consulting services and training. We have developed an amazing coding tool with Rules and Conventions, ICD-10 to (Cpt) CCSA to RPL / RPL to (Cpt) CCSA /(Cpt) CCSA to ICD-10 automated and easy integration capabilities.

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