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Comparison between the Encoder and the ICD-10 Coding Manuals

The table below highlights the difference between the encoder and the volumes of ICD-10


ICD-10 Encoder ICD-10 CODING Volumes (Cost: approximately R5500 per set)
Electronic – Built in and automated ICD-10 coding rules & conventions Manual : coding done from the 3 volumes of ICD-10
Replaces the coding manuals Saves on buying of 3 volumes
Regular up-dates as per National ICD-10 Task Team No up-dates-need to purchase new ICD-10 books
Contains all updates as per the ICD-10 Master Industry Table (MIT). MIT contains codes changes up to 2013 which are catered for in the encoder Contains updates as per the latest edition of the World Health Organisation (WHO) published books. Currently the latest WHO Edition contains code changes up to 2010
Accurate  as rules are automated; decreases error rate Room for errors if rules are not well understood
User friendly, saves time as it takes seconds to find codes Cumbersome to use as one needs to work between multiple volumes of ICD-10, thus increasing the amount of time taken to find codes
Due to automation of coding rules, non-medically trained personnel can utilise the tool Difficult for non-medically trained personnel to code from the books as one needs to understand anatomy & physiology to select the correct code
Validates ICD-10 codes-Low/or No risk Does not validate-High risk , selection of rules is dependent on coder/user
Support – via e-mail, telephone, website No support
No risk of damage or theft High risk: books get damaged or can get stolen/misplaced
Caters for South African (SA) specific codes, e.g. MDR/XDR TB codes Does not contain SA specific codes



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